Thursday, August 29, 2013

Traveling Light

I prefer to sit in the back 1/3 of the plane...since Delta assigns seats, I was able to get aisle seats right where I like them.  However, since they also fill the plane from front to back, by the time I started boarding, most of the overhead storage bins were getting full, and they started requiring people to check their carry-ons.  Not for the first time today was I glad that planning to walk 299 miles with all of my luggage on my back required me to pack light.  I also saw someone ahead of me have to rearrange  the contents of her suitcases because one of them was over weight by 8 pounds.  When my backpack went on the scale, it was 17 pounds--with an allowance of 50, I didn't have any problems.  *grin* 

I was also pleasantly surprised to find these in the airport equivalent of a 7-11.  I hated spending $7 for one, but it seemed like a better choice than airport food for breakfast!  Of course, as I bought it, 2 thoughts went through my head.  First that I forgot to bring the snack size potato chip bags from home, and second, that I should have asked Tabitha if she had any of these I could have, since I know she keeps them around for her oldest to take for lunch.  Full disclosure: I also had Starbucks while I was waiting... I doubt that Starbucks is in Spain, and even if it was, european coffee is better than Starbucks any day. Even so, I was glad for the caffeine.  I was up late late last night spending time with my Dig-dog and Amber, so I am currently surviving on about 3 hours of sleep.  I am hoping that this will help me sleep on my long flight this evening, but only time will tell.

While getting on the first leg of my flight, I noticed that the zipper had broken on my fanny pack.  The seam on one side of the zipper had frayed, and the zipper head came off the rails.  I was able to put it back, but will need to add a safety pin to that side of the zipper if I want to keep it from happening again.  For a brief moment, I almost wished that I had left my hiking poles and pocket knife at home so I could have carried my backpack on... Am I the only weird person who keeps a safety pin or two in her purse???  Maybe I will get lucky in Atlanta, and find someone with a safety pin!  If not, I can just be careful, and get one out of my backpack in Madrid.  

One thing I am already thankful for are all of my writing utensils... Back in high school, I started using colors to show my moods in my journals, and it has been fun reconnecting with that part of my personality...

Of course, I have come to realize that my drawing skills have atrophied to the point where I suspect that my nieces can draw better than me, but then, what is the fun of drawing a sun if you can't put a smiley face on it?  Doing so makes my heart happy, and even though I know that there will (and have been-they were relatively minor so far, though) hardships on this journey, I choose to do as much as I can to increase in joy and gratitude.  And, really, I think that is the true key to traveling light....being able to look for the small moments that increase our joy, as well as to be grateful for the victories, great and small.

And the above is a small victory... I cut myself last night while I was cleaning the mirror in my bathroom, and Amber gave me one of her Ninja Turtle bandaids.  I purposely asked for one of them again after my shower, because it reminds me of her and how much We love each other.  She has been wonderful in that her love, willing ear, and all-around awesomeness has helped me to complete the emotional healing I have gained so far from my divorce.  I wish I had packed more ninja turtle bandaids, but at least today, I get a visual reminder of my niece and roomie!

And, as I wait 7 hours until my next flight, here is another small victory: being able to zip up my fanny pack with impunity! 

God is just so good to me!