Friday, June 6, 2014


One of my pictures from the Camino. I called this the Pom Pom tree because it has little green balls that look like pom-poms.

I smile
Just to myself
As I think about
The path before me.

Right now
The dappled ground
Soaks the bright sunshine
Beneath leafy boughs

The warmth
Bathes my heart in
For treks yet to come.

The chill
May mark my time:
The metronome in
Rain, snow, leaves and dust.

And yet,
I am immersed
In wonder, in awe
At right now, at Grace.

For Grace
Has lead me to
Stumble upon this
Path in giddy shock.

It leads...
I know not where.
Only God knows and
He's not telling me.