Sunday, June 12, 2016

A Town too far...

I've been walking with, first a group, and recently another fellow Texan for the last few days. While it has been really good to have company, there are some things that are unavoidable when traveling with others. For me, that has been walking more km than I thought I could. It also meant going by someone else's schedule to some extent....journaling and writing here has suffered because of it.

I completely understand the sentiment behind abandoning your shoes. No matter what shoes you wear, your feet take a real pounding when walking 20+ km day after day

Yesterday, my feet told me that I couldn't continue at that pace anymore. In fact, I actually went to the doctor about my feet last night, and he said that I needed to scale waaay back on my km for a while. Today will be 7km. At least he didn't say that I have tendinitis again...and he didn't tell me that I have to take full rest days. Instead, he told me to ice, take ibuprofen, and no more than 10-12 km for the next few days.

This was one of those pleasant surprises to be found on the the Albergue Jakue in Puente la Reina.  Exactly what I needed after a hard day of walking in the brutal sun.

So, I will be walking solo again for a while, and that will be good. I'm ahead of my tentative schedule by 3 days, and will see how things go. I suspect that I will settle into a routine of walking 15-20 km per day once my feet have recovered a bit. And, I will attempt to write here more often.