Thursday, June 2, 2016

The rip off, or everything is more expensive at the airport.

All of us know that airports take advantage of people because they are captive audiences. And, to an extent, we plan for it and/or avoid having to buy things there. I didn't think this would carry over to money exchange, though, and I should have. In essence, I spent about $17 for every $100 I exchanged into Euros, which adds up pretty quickly when you want to have a strategic cash reserve. 

And yet, it is very ok, and bumps in the road are to be expected. This IS a pilgrimage, after all, and as human beings, hardship is usually the best teacher. There is a reason that the adage, "the burned hand teaches best" exists. I'm hoping that the rest of my trip to Spain will be smooth, but who knows? That is the fun of a pilgrimage, too.

All I really need to do right now is try to keep from grinning from ear to ear like a crazy woman and keep my enthusiasm in check. They just called the first group for boarding, so the first steps have begun. 

Bien Camino to me!!!